Tuesday, August 12, 2008


After watching the first 3 quarters of the Packers game I can't help but be excited. Aaron Rodgers looked slow at first and then got in to a grove by about the third series. He took his time in the pocket when needed and let the offensive line do their job while the pass rush formed around them. A couple of miscues by Brandon Jackson when he didn't pick up the blitz. His delivery was on point most of the time, with a couple of catchable balls being dropped by the younger guys. His stats of 9 for 15 and a 117 yards looked pretty decent, although could've been better. I was pleased with his performance. Most impressive was James Jones catching a Rodgers bullet in double coverage, ripping himself away from both tacklers and losing his helmet in malay....scoring a touchdown!

-Sometimes I look at the backdrop of a Packer game to notice the fans...much the same with the Brewers. I can't help but notice an abundance of dorks. Dorks wearing cheese-heads THE ENTIRE GAME. Or dorks wearing muscle-man hats with bulging arms coming down over the ears. Or the dorks who wear a Favre jersey, despite the big trade going down a week ago. If I had a jersey of a player who was traded, cut, or whatever....I would not wear it anymore. That's just me though. Buying a jersey is like an investment. You better be buying the right jersey if it's authentic or a great replica. I for one have purchased the following: Ryan Braun, Ben Sheets (2003), and Nick Barnett (2003). I plan on wearing those a long time!
There is nothing wrong in buying a CC Sabathia jersey if you want to sport the coinage to do so. Just make sure you give it to goodwill once he signs with a new team next year!

Sorry, I went off babbling there.

I will now wait for the pro-Favre fans to rip me....

Oh...I also heard on the radio at work that a kid in WI bought a Favre jersey 6 years ago from the NFL shop (I think it was the nfl shop). When he got it....the jersey had a mistake...they put the name and number on a Jets jersey. They kept it and still have it today.


  1. Where to begin. Rodgers looked decent for a piss poor Bengals defense. They were ranked 27th or 26th last year, and continue to look bad. What's with every passing play being a 3 step drop? Did you see when espn showed Ted. Somebody needs to check if that guy has a pulse. What a FREAK

  2. Rodgers looked very good. You can't go off of last years team stats when it comes to preseason. It's more about the match ups on the field at any given time.

    Good question though on the 3-steppers

  3. Here's a reason why i won't jump on the Rodgers bandwagon. The bengals defense was in man to man for all of his series. I think it is a possiblity that Rodgers won't get hurt this year (that possiblity is slim) However, the packers receivers will. He hangs the ball out there for them. I see Driver and Jennings going down sometime this season.

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