Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trenni is a nice lady.

I have facebook and sometimes venture on it in search of lost friends. I became "friends" with FSN's Trenni Kusnierek. The coveted sideline reporter for the Brewers. Class act, I must say. I wrote her a simple message....she responds:

August 26 at 6:51am
Thank you for being smart and actually bringing some substance to the sideline reporting. I trust you will be working with the Badger games? Y may have to start late won't be reporting to them until October. Just wanted to let you know that you are a class act. Cheers!

Scott Olson

August 26 at 11:12am

Thank you so much! I will not be on the Badger beat this fall. I follow the same schedule as Craig and will be moving to Bucks basketball in late October/early November. (Hopefully after a Brewers World Series run!)

Thanks again for the compliments...


August 26 at 2:17pm
That's too bad. Well, good luck to you on the rest of the Brewers season and with the Bucks w/ Craig. Let's hope the Crew can pull of a sweep and the Cubs drop at LEAST one to the Pirates. That could position us for a run this week, especially with the Cubs taking on the Phillies.

My wife thinks I'm strange.


  1. she seems nicer than JTommy over on the Daily Herald who called you a few choice words for no real reason other than he is probably the coolest guy on the planet. Did you see the way he put "butt" in front of Packer. Classic. And then he put a . in a word so he could sling some homophobic rage at you uncensored and then followed it up with another slang term for gays. Wow, what a badass. Put you in your place. I want to hang out with JTommy, he is so cool and would totally say all this to your face if he saw you.