Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Important Week for the Central

Milwaukee vs St. Louis in a two game series (shoot for a split)
Chicago @ Pittsburgh (shoot for a 2-1, Cubs take series but lose one)
Philly's @ Chicago in a four game wrap-around (shoot for a Philly surprise, 3-1...long shot)
St. Louis @ Houston (shoot for at least 1 Houston win).

Here is a look at the 2-game series match up.
Hopefully Sheets can finally earn a win tonight.

By the end of the week...actually Monday night (9/1) the Central could very well look the same as it does now. With the Brewers having another day off on Thursday (8/28), that only adds salt to the wound (Cubs 5 game lead). You know the Cubs will win the series in Pittsburgh, but could lose one. The Pirates are certainly due right? What's his nuts....Nate McLouth is back and should spark something. Ah hell. They (Cubs) will probably end up sweeping them, indicated last night with their 12-3 ass-kicking at PNC park.
We need to pray for a Philly beat down at Wrigley this weekend. They are playing trying to keep up with the Mets, who have a 1/2 game lead. This weekend could close the gap between Milwaukee and Chicago if the Brewers sweep the Pirates and the Philly's win the series, which is possible. If anything, I anticipate a split.

I love this part of the year! You have baseball of course, and come Thursday we will have college football starting too! Hell, throw in a little NFL in action next Thursday...and BOOOOOM! You have the start of Autumn.

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