Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weak Homestand & Bush Shipped Down To Nashville

This past week the Brewers have really been a snore fest. Their hitting is average at best and the thought of having only 2 HR's on this homestand makes me ill, really makes me wonder what is next? Considering the thought that we now have a day off (much needed) before jumping on I-94 for a series in the Windy City. The Cubs are hitting the ball well and playing very good baseball. Meanwhile, the Brewers are playing so-so ball with their offense in a slump. Recipe for disaster.

One thing we all need to keep in mind is that Florida is playing their best baseball of the season right now, because there is no possible way they can continue this success nor will they repeat it later in to the summer. I am amazed of how good this team is with the leagues lowest salary of 22mm. As for the Crew, they did have some good games against the Phillies and the Marlins but came up short in extra innings. The Brewers lead the league with 7 extra-inning games (maybe 8 as of todays game). You can't really say the Brewers are playing poorly, however you can say their offense has been lack luster as of late.

Eric Gagne pitched two solid, scoreless innings on Saturday and Sunday. Charlie Villanueva and Manny Para also had really good outings with no run support. Turnblow was back to his old ways again when he walked a couple of batters and gave up a hit today. With bases loaded the Crew went with Mitch Stetter who probably impressed me the most. This guy throws a fastball in the high 80's and really isn't that glitzy. But when he was put in the crunch, 3 on the pond, he delivered striking out the first two batters he faced and a pop-up out with the third batter. Additionally, he did so with full-counts....twice. He is the new go-to guy in the pen along with McClung who can last (pitched 3 scoreless innings earlier in the week). Yes McClung gave up the game winning homer today to Wes Helms, but still is reliable reliever. Opposite of this is Riske and Turnblow, the latter having a save finally but following that up with a piss-poor performance today. Riske is always soft in April if you look at his career stats. He wont heat up until June.

Finally, the gavel was struck today and Bush was cleared waivers and shipped south to Nashville. This angers me slightly as he would be great in the pen. Someone to have when Sheets goes down and the rotation gets all messed up. Sort of like Capuano's role last year, just not as crappy as he performed of course. This move was made in order to free up a space on the roster for the much anticipated addition of Mike Cameron (25 game suspension for juicing). This veteran should provide a spark to the line up and will hopefully be given the #1 or #2 spot in the batting order. He is solid and reliable.

Oh, and one more thing....I am going to start a LaPorta watch, giving weekly updates on how well he is doing....I suspect he will be brought up in September when the expanded rosters are in use. Right now LaPorta has played in 24 games with the Huntsville Stars (AA) batting .289 and 22 RBI's. Solid start for this Florida Alumnus.

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