Saturday, April 19, 2008

Badger Football

Well, today was the Spring Game at Camp Randall pitting two squads against each other. I have always wanted to attend this event as it gives you a good idea of how the depth chart will look come late summer. Although freshman aren't allowed to play or partake in spring practices, the glimpse kind of gives you that fix, that one last hit of moonshine before the team goes in to hibernation until late July. The team looks promising, however the injuries continue to plaque the team on both sides of the line.

Defensive End Matt Shaughnessy will be out for a couple of months with a broken leg. This is just the latest addition to a lengthly list of wounded warriors.

That being said, there is plenty of positions that will be battled over in the hot summer months. Most noteworthy being the Quarterback position with three solid candidates trying to take the point man of the show. Allan Evridge should take it after having a number of good showings in the limited play he had last year as Tyler Donavon's back up. Keep in mind, this was the kid who transferred from Kansas State to play with the Red and White.
The other position that should be interesting to see how it unfolds in Running Back. With the likes of PJ Hill, Lance Smith, Zach Brown, and the heralded John Clay (Frosh). The latter being the Racine native who led his highschool (Case) to the D-I title in 2006. This kid will be a Heisman candidate in 2-3 years....mark thy words. With all the impact players in one position, it will cause the Badgers coaching staff to try new things in regards to formations and positioning. As noted in this story,
the idea of having Lance Smith, who is said to have the best hands on the team, stepping in at a flanker-type position for easy, short route patterns. Sort of like a safety valve for Evridge if things go haywire in the pocket. With PJ Hill as the early favorite to win the starting spot, I have to ask the simple quesiton of whether or not he could play some fullback?
The Badgers will have the Four-Horsemen, or Four Headed Monster, or the Four-Banger going on this coming season with all these talented backs. Reminds me of USC and their depth, only Carrol has it at ALL of the positions, not just RB.

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