Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Packers 2008 Schedule Announced!

Not too bad, should be an exciting season. The two games to mark your calendar with is, of course, Indy and Dallas. Our toughest road obstacle will be on December 14th when we travel to Jacksonville. Probably the biggest surprise last year in the AFC. With four, count'em four prime-time games one can assume that the league is sold on Aaron Rodgers, or that Favre will be coming back after the season starts. The spacing in between the prime-time games tells me that they are putting a plan in to affect if this comes true. Then again, that is just me thinking aloud.
All bullroar aside, the Packers should take the North. Mark my words, Aaron Rodgers will be the top quarterback in the division come season end. You compare him to the likes of Jackson, Kitna, and Sexy Rexy one will see just what I mean. If he stays healthy, which is why I brought up the Favre theory, he will do great things in Green Bay. He was groomed and slowly brought in to the starting role. Compare this to the likes of Leinart, Alex Smith, and Cutler who were all sort of rushed in to their roles, you can't help but realize that having Rodgers shadow Favre for that long can only be a good thing, a for sure thing.

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