Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Beaten Up/History Made

The Crew opened their series with St. Louis last night and were silenced by a mediocre pitcher in Braden Looper. This was simply one of the most frustrating games I have seen in a while. When Dave Bush needed his team most, they left him for the Bush was in search of a much needed performance that would show the brass what he is made of. After pitching a decent game, the Milwaukee club was minimized to a pitiful 3 hits against Looper and then stumbled to four hit-less innings.....viola!

Fielder was not able to snap his slump as he walked 4 times. However, his on-base percentage is climbing. Pitchers should start throwing to him seeing that his slump is still going strong at 2-23 and Braun at 3-25. Funny thing is this....Both of these players will snap out of their slump at the same time. They feed off each other and I believe they have a competitive spirit between the two. Once one snaps the slump, the other is sure to follow suit. Another player who has not been his same is JJ Hardy, who had an error at Shortstop that was a routine-play.

Finally, this game had history made! Both teams had their pitchers batting 8th in the line-up. For two managers (Ned and Tony) who ended the 2007 season in a pissing match, which Yost losing his composure and ordering the Albert beam....they sure do share similar tactics!

The southpaw Manny Parra (ROY potential here) should have a stong showing tonight!

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