Thursday, April 17, 2008

Larry K Canned As Planned / Future of the Bucks

Larry K was dismissed today by new GM Larry Hammond, as anticipated. Where do I start with this one? Although I like Larry as a person, his head coaching skills are just not there. Why old GM Harris would hire him to be the head coach is beyond me. After the failures of Terry Porter, Tery Stotts and now Larry one has to wonder why they would hire 3 consecutive coaches who have a combined experience of 1 season as the head coach. Terry Stotts coached the Atlanta Hawks prior to coming over to Milwaukee, where he was once an assistant for George Karl. He is a 'players coach', as told by Michael Redd some years ago. Well aint that swell? A players coach in a day and age of the league being infiltrated by thugs, hip-hop culture, and hooligans. Let's face it, this league has opened its arms to this inner-city culture. In have the Palace Hill brawl, Melo participating in the "Don't Snitch" campaign, A.I. being arrested for assault (charges dropped), and shootings in downtown Indianapolis involving NBA players. Swell. NFL isn't too far behind this trend either.

As for the roster Milwaukee has:

Rid yourself of the overpaid shmuck in Dan Gadzuric (sp? who cares?), Bobby Simmons (why did they pay that much for a sixth man from the Clippers?), and even Andrew Bogut. These players are soft, and so is Michael Redd. He is not a true leader, rather a follower. When he was thinking about heading to Cleveland to star opposite LeBron James, that would have been ideal for him. Yea he's a nice guy, but that doesn't go far in the THUG-NBA.

As for Larry K, he's a good man with lite experience in head coaching. Back in my bartending days he used to come in with his staff to have some cocktails, evening bringing in the wife and family. Good guy. Same goes with Stotts and Porter both of which would frequent my old bar I worked at, Taylor & Dunn's in Mequon. All three of these coaches are not head coaching material! We need a Rick Carslile (sp?) or a Larry Brown (both on the market!).

I don't care much for the Bucks any more. Hopefully Hammond can deliver them from crap!

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