Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Milwaukee Gets 5 New Players, One Screw-Off

Well, after two disappointing seasons the Milwaukee Panters (Horizon League) are bringing on 5 new players. There are three JUCO transferrs and the troubled Avery Smith. He was one 10 players who got kicked off the squad last season. Okay not 10, but 3 were given the boot and two left on their own. The 2 being the two knuckle heads who couldn't stand being away from their Mommy, the Chicago Simeon duo who played along side Derrick Rose in high school and won the state title. Well.....congrat, you're good friend is now in the NBA and you two twits get sit out a season (eligibility).
Tone Boyle is probably the best pick up for them, as he was a stud a couple of years ago with Middleton HS.
Rob Jeter will be on the hot seat this season if they don't make it to the tourney. Let's face it. Bruce Pearls shoes are pretty big shoes to leave behind, and Jeter has not really fit into them yet. One tourney showing in his first season was due to Pearl's kick-ass recruites he left behind. Meanwhile, Butler has been stong every year. I never really liked the idea of hiring Jeter. I was more so a fan of Dick Bennet's brother who coached UW-Stevens Points in the early part of this decade. Now he would've been good!
And for the record....I wish my old school would call themselves "Milwaukee"....not "UW-Milwaukee" or "Wisc-Milwaukee".

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  1. what do you think of culpepper visiting gb today? i think it would be weird to see him in the green and gold, kind of like mcmahon back in the mid 90's.