Tuesday, April 29, 2008

State Workhorse To Try Out For Packers

As covered today by the Journal-Sentinel...
The Green Bay Packers have invited the coveted Division III running back Justin Beaver to rookie mini camp. Although the team did not sign him as a free agent, he will be brought in for a special try out. This kid is a workhorse who reminds of a Rudy-type player. The kid has heart and for someone who only stands 5 feet 7 inches, this could be a long shot. Despite being an All-American running back who ran 2,455 yards he may be facing an up hill battle. Timing is everything however and the kid couldn't have picked a better time/team to try out for. Green Bay failed to address their back up situation at running back. With Ryan Grant as our focus, and DeShawn Wynn and Vernard Morency as back ups (both injury prone) the liklihood of Mr. Beaver making the team are looking good. We will see.....I feel that he could at least make the practise squad and be brought up later in the season.

Here is another solid statesman who will have a shot at the NFL. Only Owen Schmitt will probably be a little more of an impact. This kids is a stud.

Whatever happened to Derrick Abney, the (Wausau) DC Everest & Kentucky Alumnus who was drafted by the Ravens? I know he doesn't play anymore, but wonder what he is up to?


  1. Grandma Beaver is excited that she won't have to drive far. (Fox6)

  2. Rat, were you trying to post a link?