Monday, April 28, 2008


New York Daily News reported today that The Rocket Man had an affair with country singer Mindy McReedy, starting when he was 28 years old and she was 15!

Hilarious...126mm man Barry Zito was taken out of the Giants' starting rotation.

Brewers have an important series in Chicago. Yes, it's only late April but the Crew have Mike Cameron and Ben Sheets coming out of hibernation. Sheets coming off an injured boob, and Cameron coming of the juice.
Ned will have to start cracking down on the line up if you ask me. There are a number of struggling players that need to start turning it around. That being the likes of: Rickie Weeks & JJ Hardy. Both have made minimal contributions to the team in the first month. Go ahead and throw in David Riske too, but I have faith that he will snap out of it in June when the weather warms up (regardless of the Park having a roof). My biggest question is if Weeks and Hardy are worth the time and planning that Melvin has invested. Weeks more so than Hardy of course (2007 All Star), his defense has gotten a hell of a lot better but his hitting is a concern.


I hate the NBA so I have no insight or comments on the play offs. All I have to say is that the league is a joke with its, "The NBA Cares" theme. Cares? Cares so much that one of the leagues' best players in *Josh (corrected by K) Howard admitting to smoking reefer in the off-season and Stern just turns the other cheek? Mark Cuban says that he will deal with him after the playoffs? What kind of message does this send to the majority of its viewers? Young, minorities in the inner-city and white suburbia now have a thought of pot not being a big deal, in the eyes of the NBA's elite. Why make a big deal out of this? Well, despite all you potheads out there thinking it should be's not. I for one don't see the harm in it. But it is illegal. So Mr look as foolish as those fools doing the Battle Royal at The Palace back in '05 and Mr Clemens (see above). Trash.


  1. Josh Howard, not Dwight. I like the NBA playoffs and think they are starting to turn the corner after about 5-7 years of crap. Of course, all of that could change with another Spurs/Pistons final.

    I don't think you can pick out one or two instances and slam an entire program (NBA Cares) because a few morons get all the media attention. It is just a reflection of society. The NFL and NCAA football have both recently had their share off field incidents. It just seems like basketball players take more heat for it.

  2. Josh....damn it. that's right. I would have to say that this is not a "few", rather a trend.