Thursday, April 17, 2008

Finally Fielder!

As talked about around the league, people were wondering just how far Prince would go in to the season with out hitting a HR? Well, he is the second longest 50 Home Run slugger to go this far in to the next season with out one. His pops, Cecil, is first with April 19th. Like father like son? Not exactly. Critics like this prick (he lights up the Crew in this feature) seem to forget that pitchers are usually at the top of their games in the first month of their season. When the temps start to raise and their schedule starts to take its toll, they make mistakes. Not to mention that Prince will snap this slump and as Ned Yost likes to say, "Hit (HR's) in bunches".

So he started to hopefully do just that. Belting one in the 9th to score the go ahead run. I was at work watching the ESPN online illustrations on the game. Best you can do when the work computer won't allow you to download a media player. I didn't find this out until after I bought the Radio Package on MLB.COM.

I am really staring to worry about our 3-5 pitchers. Are they ready for this? I know Bush can do it, he did last year. He was hot when the rest were not. So, that being said, I feel that Yovanni will return to the rotation (fully healthy) by May 1st. Hopefully.

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