Monday, April 21, 2008

Scott're new head coach of the Bucks?!?!

As indicated on this morning Milwaukee is closing in on Scotty Skiles to coach this crew of young-bucks to the promise land. With 8 seasons under his belt in experience, I still wonder if that's enough to lead a team with no leader on it. Michael Redd is a soft-spoken sharp shooter who couldn't lead a team if he was playing pick-up ball in the hood. My thoughts are that the Bucks go after Larry Brown or Rick Carlisle to come in a whip these young punks in to shape. Get rid of your Dan Godzuric (sp? who cares) and Bobby Simmons (useless). Reformulate how you use your good players and bring in a true point guard. Mo Williams is a good reserve, a sixth-man if you will who has a couple of good games this past season (scoring in the high 30's). Why not go after Stephon Marbury? Yes, he is a cancer in the locker room....but that was for a useless coach in Isiah Thomas. Put him under Larry Brown and boom! You have a good leader! They need to spend a little to make a little. Our poor investment is the past 2 or 3 seasons may have Herb a little a stingy with that cashflow however. But I believe Larry Hammond will deliver us from the depths of crap-hood in the lowly East (Boston excluded).


  1. I am glad the Bucks didn't go after Larry Brown. The guy is a short-term answer for a long-term problem. The Bucks, like a lot of teams at the bottom, seem like they are just recycling the same old coaches. Skiles might be different, I think the biggest issue will be how do the players react to his strict style.

    I hope the new GM can turn around their draft strategy, although Ramon Sessions looked decent at the end of the year. Who knows if that will mean anything next year.