Monday, April 21, 2008

The Brewers Face Decision Time Soon

With the summoning of Yovanni Gallardo in to the starting rotation replacing the mediocre Dave Bush, the Brewers now have to wait for the analysis on Ben Sheets. If he did re-injure his man boob again (pectoral muscle tear), he will be put on the 15 day-DL. If that does occur, it sounds like Bush will remain in the starting rotation as the #3 in the rotation. Yovanni would replace Sheets' spot.

Likewise with Mike Cameron and Tony Gwynn Jr. with the latter coming back very soon. You have a couple of options in the outfield. Regardless, we will see Gwynn traded by the deadline for some help in the starting rotation (lefty). It will be needed, simply because Villanueva and Parra will have growing pains and Yost will need a veteran to step in. Imagine if Jeff Supan gets hurt this season? We will be screwed beyond all belief! I really hope that they rid themselves of Gabe Gross who is useless at the plate but for some reason Yost thinks he knows how "to work the count".

To date, the Brewers are in Third Place in the Central. Cubs 1, St Louis 2, and the Crew 3rd.

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