Friday, April 25, 2008

What the Sheets?

Big Ben is going to be returning to the rotation soon. With that comes the question of what to do to free up a roster spot? I would imagine Bush being given his flight ticket to Nashville, pending his waivers being cleared. My stance on this has changed in the past week or so. Keep in mind that he was the strong link on the rotation late last season. He is not glitzy and will give up the 3-5 runs a game...that being said, the Brewers will be heating up here soon and provide run support of their own. One can only imagine Fielder, Braun (hot streak right now), and Weeks igniting and really belting in some runs in that solid line up. So perhaps keeping Bush and his experience around is in order?

I don't know much, but sometimes I get these thoughts which don't amount to jack. We should learn to be a little more laxed when it comes to names like Turnblow (myself included) and Bush.

Is it just me or is Kendall a flippin machine? He has only sat one game if I'm not mistaken. Which I could be....or at the most two games. Rivera can fill in once a week and keep Jason sharp, but that hasn't been the case as of yet.

JJ Hardy has really lost me since last years All-Star break. It is as if he doesn't bat the same, his stance seems off. Probably nothing. Regardless, he may be seeing the pine more and Billy Hall may be shifting over to Shortstop once a week or even twice if this keeps up. I doubt they would move Braun back to third once a week....he needs as much work as possible out in Leftfield. So Councell could see some more time at Third, as he is batting pretty good in April. Just an idea.


  1. Did you see the story about Sampson possibly becoming an assistant with the Bucks?