Monday, May 19, 2008

Yost To Be Canned Today?!

The rumor mills are abuzz right now that Ned Yost is going to be fired today! If so this is true, I will be the happies Brewer fan! All blogs and even Tom Haudricourt have even pointed out the possibitity that Yost will get canned early this afternoon. It is an ideal situation because the Brewers are off today before starting a 15 day schedule with no days off, 7 of which are on the road. If you don't do it now? Then when?


-Last Place
-Swept in Boston
-5 game losing streak

Ted Simmons, time to get the uniform pressed and looking good. You will be the new skipper of this team.

That being said, Memorial Day Weekend is almost upon us. Decision time looms. If the call is up to Melvin, he will let Yost ride out the road trip....sort of a last chance.


  1. The happiest brewer fan if Yost gets fired. Sorry but Yost getting canned isn't going to get the bats going or stop the errors in the infield. And, Ted has a great resume, i don't think he is the answer. Great, finally havn't heard the Crew being a young team and if it's true that Yost is out can't wait to hear about how the team is adjusting to Ted. Melvin is a shit brick.

  2. K-what is your thoughts on my thoughts and your thoughts?

  3. I think Yost has made some bad moves and questionable decisions all season, but he has always been like that so it is nothing new.

    A new manager isn't going to stop the bleeding unless he can also take the mound with 2.00 ERA. Their bullpen lacks any kind of confidence right now and when Sheets succombs to the inevitable injury they will officially have the worst starting rotation in the Central.

  4. A new manager won't stop the bleeding? Didn't ol' Harvey do it back in '82?

  5. Scottage? Who is Yost more comparable to Buck or Harvey: and how so?

  6. The 82 team ended up with 3 players with over 100 rbi's, at least 29 home runs and a cy young pitcher. They had 4 pitchers who won at least 10 games. I agree they need to make a change and hopefully that change will spark something, but I'm just saying I don't think it is going to be cure-all for the Crew.

  7. I would never say it's a "cure all". It would be a swift kick in the ass though.

    Melvin basically ripped Tom (jsonline) a good one by saying that there is no truth to the rumor (Yost being fired)...and that any newspaper or news station that follows a lead from such is small similar words. Tom took due, and admitted that he shouldn't have followed a blog lead.

    I thought about that...most leads today come from blogs. So Melvin, you are out of your element in saying that.

    Yost is neither Buck nor Harvey. He is more like a Lopes. I would say a Lopes.