Monday, May 5, 2008

Brewers have a horrid weekend.

First Villanueva, than Parra, than Gagne all blow leads/games this past weekend as the Brewers played in Houston. This was a pathetic series that resulted in the Astros jumping up in the standings.

Gagne is the only pitcher I am not at a loss of words for. This guy can still be a solid closer. Yes, I know he has blown a league leading 5 games. That being said, he is still up there on the leader board on saves. So, let him get his bad outings done early in the season. I would rather he do this now than in September. He is a veteran and has been in slumps before. I can assure you that he will make a huge impact on this team in 2008. It's going to be a rocky road though at first. Let's face it, he was pretty messed up being put in a set-up role for Boston. That really threw (no punn) him out of whack...I believe. Look at how bad it turned Turnblow. You don't move a closer out of that role unless he is going in to the starting rotation (see Dempster). Otherwise it's just mind games for a pitcher who usually is restricted to one inning a game...that being the finaly inning.

YOST WATCH: C'mon Yost, the owner has increased the salary in 08 and what do we have to show for it thus far? We're in third with the likes of Houston nipping at our heels. I hate to be a Yost Hater, but I am truly convinced that he is on the chopping block, or will be shortly. Melvin, you too should start to worry just a bit about job security as well. This was your vision to bring up the kids throw the farm system.

Two have not performed this season and the last. Weeks and Hardy, the latter having a solid first half in 2007, are both week and should be dropped in the batting order. Weeks needs to get out of the lead-off spot! Hardy can stay at 7 with Weeks folding down to 6. Cameron should be lead-off and that's a no brainer. He strikes out a lot, but he would have a better shot than Weeks.

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