Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

Well, that's what business exec's like to tell their staff when sales/profit is low. Similar to that is probably what Ned Yost is saying to his club. Let's face it...the Crew needs to have a solid series in Miami in order to not spiral out of control. Playing a 3-game series against one of the youngest, underpaid, and highly skilled team in the National League will be a tough feat. Not to mention the rest of May looks to be a rough road:

-St Louis (4-game series) May 9-12
-LA Dodgers May 13-15
-Boston Redsox May 16-18
Pittsburgh and D.C. follow suit, the latter being a four-gamer. So there is a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel. They then finish at home against Atlanta and Houston.

Tonight, we have Jeff Suppan (1-1) facing off against my Swedish counter-part, Scott Olsen. Once again, that's a tough match up for Suppan who gives up a lot of runs (as of late) and Olsen (3-1)who has really rejuvinated his career after hitting rock bottom. Last year he got in to a number altercations with teamates and was also issued a DUI. Keep in mind that Suppan is no sloach either. Granted he blew last week against against the Cubbies...but his first 3 starts were no-decisions. Those were 3 solid outings. So to hit the panic botton on Supp would be pre mature.

Gagne too, is someone the Brewers will not replace as the closer. Rightfield Bleachers has a good link to a story on him and the psychology of being a closer.

*Turnblow being looked at by NYMets.

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