Monday, May 12, 2008

Another OJ Taints USC's Image

Silliness. That's the word that comes to mind when I think of USC sports. They are silly because time after time this college powerhouse in football and the recent success of its basketball program have all been tainted in the last couple of years. Not only does the school have to deal with the Reggie Bush scandal, now the they have to handle the OJ Mayo case.

Outside The Lines (ESPN) reported yesterday that OJ Mayo was teaming with a sports management organization, which is illegal. The agency, BDA, was providing him with lavish meals (Red Lobster, yuck), vehicle, flat-panel TV's, and other commodities during his high school and one-year lay over at USC. All of this under the nose of USC's athletic department and Tim Floyd, the heralded basketball coach who will be entering only his third season there.

Of course, on Mike & Mike In The Morning, Greenburg was talking as if this was okay. It is the rules that are messed up. The rules should be changed because these student-athletes are making all of this cha-ching for the schools.

Well, rules are rules now matter what you think of them "GREENIE". So in that you are wrong sir. These punk kids who are on their way to the pro's after spending a year or so at their school due to regulations tend to lean towards the illegal side of things. Meaning this, USC's image will now suffer due to the actions of two unethical students, not even alumnus'. Perhaps now, schools will be more careful when it comes to recruiting one-year hoppers who will have a brief stay at their school. Yes you will get that one year of fame and be in the spotlight, but what happens afterwords....when they leave you? They aren't even graduates of your school, but they may still have an effect on your institution due to their actions while on campus. Think carefully, perhaps this is why Bo Ryan and Wisconsin tend to stay away from the one-year hoppers in fear of this. Although no school is immune to NCAA violations (UW included), it is acts like this that can be prevented.


Hey still liking Indiana? You PRICK!. I look forward to Indiana coming to Madison and Bo Ryan putting the hurt on you.

You honor your contract. Great example you taught your players in Milwaukee!


Hanley Ramirez, the rising star for the Florida Marlins (23-14), is closing in on a long-term deal of 6 years & 70MM dollars.
What is it with this team? They dump all of their star players year after year, especially after winning the two World Series in a decade. Yet they continue to have the lowest pay in baseball and are now 8 games above .500 and tearing through Milwaukee's arse. I believe the season series is at 5-1. Sad for us, good for them. Oddly enough they have the lowest turn-out in the attendance I believe.


  1. Though rules were broken and people should be held accountable, especially at USC, I don't think you or I could ever imagine what some of these kids go through. If you were dirt poor and somebody offered you cash or gifts are you sure you would turn it down. I'm not. I think it is easy for most of America to come down hard on this, but why is it okay to tell these kids they can't go to the draft until 19, delaying their paydays. The NBA and NCAA will tell you it is for the kids benefit, but it is obviously much more beneficial to the NCAA who gets to use the star power for at least a year, and the NBA who get players recognition so fans know who they are when they enter the league.

  2. OJ Mayo is dirt pour? Reggie Bush is dirt poor? Chris Weber went to a private high school. Hell...if my family is in their predicament then I want to be dirt poor. Have you seen their houses during their high school years? Google it.
    By saying this K, it's like telling these kids it's "okay" to break the rules that are them. Colleges should have a lot of blame as well. Offering full-rides to dueche bags like Master-P's kid...who could very well afford his own ticket and free up a much needed scholarship for someone who needs it.

    As far as the 19 year old age limit...The NBA is a business, and it is in their best interest fiscally, to have kids "mature" in their one year of college. Expand their vocabulary and intelligence before they get interviewed in their uniform as the face of their team. Wouldn't you enforce this?

    I like you.