Friday, May 2, 2008

Turnbow Cut / Joe Dillon Is Summoned

No shocker here, only that it is well overdue. Yost tends to shell out too many chances with slumping players like Jenkins, Capuano, and Weeks. Turnbow should have been sent down last year but Yost waited far too long. Likewise with Capy and Weeks, the latter of course was sent down only after a couple of struggling months. Upon return he came back hotter than hemroids. One needs to get broken down and hit rock bottom before they can be rebuilt.

That being said, we now have one more batter/fielder to add to the line-up which is a good thing considering the abundance of pitchers on the roster (12 now). So, Turnblow & the Crew now have 10 days to decide his fate. There a considerable amount of money involved, like 3.2mm salary. There are some teams out there who would take a chance.

The next question is what to do with Dave Bush? His time is near.

Package the two? Perhaps bait teams for a strong left handed infielder, hell, maybe a shortstop/utility man? Councell just isn't the answer for me. We need a stonger, younger player is the jack of all trades.....master of none (well hitting would be good).

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