Thursday, May 1, 2008

Brewers Win! Take series 2-1

Well the Brewers rebounded in a vigorous fashion! Braun blasted his fourth HR of the season off the Cubs' ace Zambrano...only for Z (1) to repay the favor by knocking a Yovanni Gallardo pitch out of the park. I wasn't able to watch the "gamecast" at work today as I have to close deals. I do know that Yo had another great outting as he lasted 6 innings and gave up a modest 3 earned runs. His control seemed to be there too as he only walked 1 batter!

Eric Gagne, after walking his first batter, had his 5th straight solid game earning his 9th save of the season (NL leader).

On offense, which was well needed to keep up with the hottest team in baseball....was delivered by Ryan Braun who had 3 hits on the day including a game winning double (10) and a single. My mancrush, Gabe Kapler, also came up big by belting a double (4) pinch hitting in the 8th spot. The hitless include Fielder, Councell, and Cameron. That's okay though, it's all about timely hitting (I sound like Anderson now).

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