Friday, May 30, 2008

Lack of offense

The Brewers lost today 8-1 yesterday afternoon. Seth McClung (2-2) pitched a pretty bad game in which he lasted 4.2 innings in only his second start for The Crew. Rough outtings are expected, especially against one of the better offensive teams in the NL. However giving up 5 runs in one-inning is not so much. Yost having Seth walk Chipper, then only to give up a homerun to Teixeira (6) pulled the Braves away in the fifth inning.
Not much offense....actually, it was a piss poor offensive showing this series. Granted, the few hits the Brewers did have were at a great time in clutch situations. But to be outscored by the Braves 10-5 is concerning, but we did take the series.
-Russell Branyan belted his first dinger this season.
The Cubs keep on winning. At this rate (which won't last in to June), the Brewers will have a difficult time making up any space.
The Brewers have until June 15 to decide Jeff Weaver's fate. He'll be cut. Those from Wausau may remember him playing for the Dubuque Mudpuppies in the Northwoods League (against the Woodchucks). Juan Pierre also played in the league, only for the Waterloo Bucks. So both pitched at Athletic Park, downtown Wausau.
Mat Gamel has now tied Matt LaPorta for homeruns in Huntsville at 46, in yesterdays win over Mobile,AL. Keep on working on that defense now Gamel. We should see both of these players very soon.
Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers, who a crack head only a couple of years ago, is now getting national attention. Good story on his recovery in this weeks SI. His numbers are unbelievable. When he was sent to Texas from Cincinnati, he basically demanded that they hire his personal coach too. So it's like they picked up two players. This coach is connected to Josh's side making sure he doesn't get out of line.

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