Thursday, May 1, 2008

Good ol' fashion ass-kicking!

Wow. How the hell do you give up 19 runs to a team that was missing their prized lead-off hitter? Well, your starting pitcher bombs his start completely and a struggling "closer" belly flops his chance for redemption. This was near and far, the worst Brewer performance I have seen in some time, hell probably ever.

Suppan (5.19 era) had 11 runs scored on him with 8 of them being earned.

Cubs had 17 hits, compared to the Crew's 6.

Lets face it, it wasn't purty....but you have these games at least 3-4 times a season where you just get bent over and smacked.

Soriano is back in the line up for this afternoon's game. Shouldn't matter though, Theriot and DeRossa batting the way they have been lately against the Brewers.

Ryan Dempster is 4-0. How? I hate it how he twists his glove before delivery!

Turnblow(15.63 era) WILL be either released, traded, or shipped down to the minors. He could very well flip flop with Bush, who has had some impressive appearences down in Nashville. For a trade, someone like Washington could be a good fit for him considering they just put Cordero on the DL. He could still be a decent closer, his confidence is at an all time low, even lower than last year. There is a team that could use him and we could get a left handed hitter in return. I don't know much about Turnblow's contract though, and my words may not make sense....but they have to get him out the pen.

Gallardo (0-0) v. Zambrano today (4-1)! This should be a good match up.

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