Sunday, May 18, 2008

Milwaukee: Last place in the Central!

Now is it time to hit the panic botton, Mr Yost? Just wondering. After losing a double header to the second place Red Sox, the Brewers are at the bottom looking up (alongside the Reds).
Not only do we have to worry about the bats going silent last night, but also the infield as costly errors decided the outcome of this game. Granted, I could not watch first hand the second game as there was diving/swimming on FSN....which is sure to grab more viewers then The Crew! That being said, I can read.
Suppan gave up the loss in the first game, Torres earning it in game two. Bush (no decision) and Suppan both looked pretty decent after giving up 4 runs respectively...however, with the BoSox, one can't do that and expect to squeeze out a win from it. Although in both games the Brewers did threaten late.
Now the Brewers have to face Boston one last time before heading over to Pittsburgh. So there is a light at the end of this dark, long tunnel. The Brewers face the Pirates and then tavel down to D.C. for a four-game wrap around series. With that beings said, the Brewers don't fare too well in Roberto Clemente's playground.
The Brewers are only 6 games out of first place Chicago. Doesn't sound that bad does it? Well, the Cubs have been on a tear lately with Soriano's 7 homeruns in 7 games as their lead off hitter. They did drop one yesterday however giving Carlos Zambrano his first loss of the season (5-1).

The season is about to hit that Memorial Day mark next weekend. Their tends to be some decisions made across the league of whether or not things are working. Ned Yost is not working. He has yet to get this young squad turned around on a consistent path. Their was a short fix of sorts, last week before LA came to town, but that quickly blew away when they dropped two straight to the Dodgers and now 2 straight to the Red Sox (count'em 4 straight). Yosts' Yawners have also dropped 8 straight road games. If the Brewers don't play catch up here starting in Pittsburgh....Mr Yost will/should be given his walking papers. This Brewer fan has had enough of the losing.

"We try to dig a foothold every day and get going in the right direction and on a roll. That's our focus daily." Jsonline. quotting Yost

Get some flipping passion Yost. Don't be afraid to get your man-thong in a bundle and start calling out players pubically.

Prince Fielder's power stats are down...

Check out this break down of his at-bats.

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