Saturday, May 24, 2008

Relief from a reliever in the starting rotation

Seth McClung made his first start as a Brewer tonight and pitched 5 solid innings. Most attractive was the fact that he maintained his velocity later in to his outting (94mph). Despite Ryan Braun striking out 3 times and Prince Fielder twice, others stepped up in their place. Cory Hart and Mike Cameron both hit their respective homers as well as the latter recording a double. Seth gave up 2 earned runs (1HR) but striking out a solid 4 batters. Carlos Villenueva came in and also pitched a strong inning along with Mota and Torres working the set-up and save. I have to admit, I like the idea of having two starting pitchers, well, one in the pen who can come in and split time. In all, the Brewers looked pretty decent tonight. Although there was some shaudy defense, again, with Billy Hall having 2 errors (11 for the season).

Which leads me to my next topic....As soon as the game ended tonight Melvin summoned Russell Branyan from Nashville to help platoon with Bill Hall. This is some much needed support for Hall who has struggled against right handed pitchers and playing third.

Let's face it, Hall has been a bust since having his team-MVP year back in 2006. Granted, he has been flipped around every year having his start at third, center, and back to third. That being said, his batting should not be effected by these switcheroos.

With Branyan tearing up the minors (.359, 12 HR, 36 RBI's all in only 45 games) he should provide some much needed assistance at both third and as a pinch hitter. Sportsblogs are crediting Sounds hitting coach To make room the Brewers have sent down Gwynn to get him some PT. It's a no brainer that Gwynn will be traded by the deadline and probably packaged with Dave Bush. I believe that Bush's tenure with the Brewers is coming to an end. He's a pretty weird cat. My wife used to think he was gay. Silly wife.

-National Stadium is one fugly stadium. I can't believe how high they have the cameras. Not to mention, they stole the nice sandstone, giant slabs/brick wall behind homeplate. Plus they have an unsightly green color in the stands and outfield double decker bleachers that stick out like a sore thumb.

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