Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Great....Brewers are playing at PNC Park

By now most Brewer fans know the problems that arise while playing at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. The sad thing is, the Pirates are usually a last place team and for some odd reason, this park is a hard play for the Crew. It's like the ghost Roberto Clemente (God rest it) haunting the Brewers. Well, Milwaukee doesn't have the time to play grab ass today....I truely believe their managers head is on the line starting with todays season opener.

1. Para (1-2) vs Maholm (2-4)

2. Sheets (4-1) vs Snell (2-2)

3. Suppan (2-3) vs Gorzelanny (3-4)

On paper, all three match ups look pretty even. Game 2 should be a good one with Sheets rebounding off this seasons worse performance against LA. Ian Snell on the other hand has had his way with Milwaukee, although this year has been a struggle for him.

JJ Hardy is hitting the ball like a sally-mander as of late. To think, only a year ago this 25 year old was putting up first half numbers of: .280, 54 RBI's, and 18 dingers.

I just don't know if he can come back to form. He was showing a glimpse early last week, but that has since ended. His contact on the ball is dismal at best. Hardy lacks any power that we saw last year. Perhaps his spring training sickness was much worse then what he is letting on?

Jim Skaalen has his hands full and I can imagine the heartburn he endures.

Rightfield Bleachers has a fun little stat: 28% of Billy Hall's hits are homeruns.

With the draft rapidly approaching (June 5th) the Brewers have plenty of options, and picks to help plug some (potential) holes. My gut feeling is that The Crew will go with the righty Josh Fields from Georgia who should only last a season at the very most in the majors. With the spotty performance of 3 out of the 5 pitchers, I hope it's sooner rather than later.

Brewcrewball blog has a nice link list to some mock drafts and analysis of it.

The Hebrew Hammers' comments on his team didn't anger Mr Melvin. I hope that it wouldn't, considering he's the only one taking charge on this team.

There is a long list of ball parks I would like to go to. Sadly enough, I have only been to a handfull of stadiums outside of Milwaukee County.
I have been to:
-Fulton County Stadium, the old Braves stadium
-Dodger Stadium
-Metro Dome (ick)
-A couple of Spring Training parks in Florida.

I will now hang my head in embarrassement. With a 2 year old son, wife, and a baby on the way...it will be harder to visit my list I have of ballparks:
-Wrigley (so I can smell the urine stained concrete)
-Yankee Stadium (my time is almost up)
-Cincy's ball park
-Giants Stadium
-The new Tiger Stadium
-Citi Field or the old one

I am horrible with names, but there you have it. The Brewers traveling to PNC always makes me think of making a trip there sometime. Perhaps out east with the family. Who knows?


  1. Trying to plan a trip to PNC next year when the Crew are in town, thought about this year but the next time they are there is in late August.

  2. What's wrong with late August? That's closer to the race...pending we are still in it.

  3. Nothing's wrong with it, but Mel probably has to go back to school around then so it's kind of hard to take a trip at that time. Plus, it cannot interfere with the draft at all. That's sacred time.