Saturday, May 3, 2008

Three Straight Dingers Doom Milwaukee

What turned out to be a good outing for the Charlie Villanueva, ended with the young pitcher giving up back-to-back-to-back home runs. Charlie (1-3) held the Astro's scoreless through 4 innings and retired the first 11 batters of the game.

That of course ended in a hurry. Milwaukee is near the top in giving up homers to opposing teams until last night. I would have to say they lead the league now having given up 5 homers.

Not much to talk about this game other than the fact that Charlie was throwing the ball too high in a park that is destined to see batters go yard. The left field wall is only at 315 ft, while center is 436. I do like that ballpark though. It has a deceptive design to it that makes left field look like it's much closer than it really is. While center has a damn flag pole that sticks out like a sore thumb and a incline that leads up to the fence.
That pole still marks the spot where Richie Sexon smashed, what looked to be, a home run when he was with the Brewers. Instead, the ball bounced of the pole to land in the park. There is still a white mark on the pole where Sexon's ball had hit some odd years ago.

Why does Rickie Weeks continue at the lead-off spot? He's batting a lowly .195 with 20 hits. Pretty sad considering the fact that it is his role to get on base. Even that is pretty low with an OBP of .326. I just don't know about him anymore. He has been in the big leagues now for 5 years. Every year we say...."He is due"....."This is his season to break out of his shell"......"yadda yadda".

I am tired of hearing that.

Braun picked up the pace by belting another HR (5) in the first inning.

Fielder is bad at base running but good at hitting doubles (7).

There is only one batter in the starting line-up that is batting over .300!
Cory Hart @ .302

Bill Hall has 5 errors thus far in the season at 3rd. There is some slack given to him considering the change of positions over the past 3 seasons.

Miguel Tijada promises to hit a home run in last night's game to a sick child.

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