Monday, October 5, 2009

Quest for 2010 Post-Season Starts...TODAY!

Well folk, the Crew ended on a good note yesterday by sweeping the Cardinals. Granted, the Cards were probably only looking forward to their NLDS match-up with LA....but a win is a win.

With that being said, the Crew finished sub .500 (80-82) and met their critics predictions. Starting the season most picked the Crew to be the biggest drop-off in 2009. I called BS on that, but deep down I knew that the pitching was suspect. Oh well.

The run for the 2010 post-season (and the end of the Prince Fielder era) starts today!

What a great way to start out the off-season with THIS piece of news that involves the Brewers signing Trevor Hoffman to a one-year deal worth $8MM and a mutual option for 2011.
Hoff tallied 37 saves out 41 opportunities for the Crew in 2009 and also made the All Star. This is excellent news for Milwaukee, considering that the pickings were quite slim for closers this off-season!

Against my wishes, the Milwaukee Brewers have decided to bring back Kenny Macha for 2010 and possibly 2011. I really thought this man would kick some sense in to these young players. He's decent, but a Cecil Cooper or Willie Randolph would've done wonders. I was against Willie last off-season.....but seeing how he connects with the young players makes me with otherwise.

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