Monday, December 7, 2009

Let the Winter Meetings Begin!

Indianapolis is host to this year's Winter Meetings. What a great event this is. I love it. It's like going back in time to when I was in high school. All the rumors, gossip, theories, game plans, cheating, flirting, and impractical thinking...all under one roof!

It's like the male version of soap operas. Seriously, name me a better waste of time then the Winter Meetings! Don't get me wrong, I live for this event. It allows me to think "outside the box" and play the 'what-if-game'.

First up for Milwaukee is the idea of Melvin targeting LHP Randy Wolf. The crafty southpaw was not offered arbitration, therefore, Milwaukee would not have to forfeit a first round draft pick to sign him. Considering that John Lackey is going to draw offers between 18MM and 20MM, I'm glad to see Milwaukee going for the second best pitcher available. Hang in there one more season before the god awful contracts come off the books (Hall, Suppan, Riske). After all, Wolf did go 11-7 last season for LA and helped guide them to the NLCS.

Other rumors getting thrown around out there....

* I laughed aloud when I read this one on
Apparently, Tom Haudricourt is thinking that a straight-up trade that would send Soup to LA for Juan Pierre is a good idea. Granted, I salivate at the thought of having a left-handed hitter who can play centerfield. Thus, giving us a back-up plan should the Carlos Gomez plan go to shit. For some odd reason the Dodgers are looking for a third team to participate in this plan of theirs. They are willing to send Pierre to a team in return for an over-paid layman's terms.

* Mike Cameron is on the Cubs' radar. If they are able to deal Milton Bradley; they are then willing to hire Cam's services. This is concerning to say the least. Cameron is always good for 20+ HR's a season plus excellent defense. He sure does strike out a lot, but he could add value to their outfield.

* I would anticipate Milwaukee pulling off a trade to bring in at least one starting pitcher. Granted, the farm system is not as full as it once was...but moving a Gamel and/or Hart could entice some teams. Although I am worried that McGehee won't be able to repeat his stellar rookie season, I do feel that Gamel is someone who doesn't fit in with Milwaukee clubhouse. He also reminds me of a ditzy blond, only with brown hair.

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