Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Brenly soon to be named Milwaukee's newest manager...


Just great. He's a damn Cubs sympathizer and he justified the beaming of Ryan Braun back in 2007. He and Cory Provus are going deep cover to destroy the Milwaukee franchise.

On a serious tip, why....tell me why can't the Brewers center all their efforts in trying to lure Bobby Valentine over from ESPN? Heck, he can have a later start-date if needed, in order to fulfill his post-game duties on the ESPN coverage.


  1. Melvin did his usual song and dance by shooting down this rumor. My guess is that it's hand-shaken deal that won't be finalized until an off-day during the play-offs, before November. Selig doesn't like huge announcements during the playoffs, takes the lime-light of the teams who are playing.
    -Scottage Cheese

  2. Yours and mine definition of "soon" are completly different.