Thursday, February 26, 2015

K-Rod Sign?

***Update (11:03am)***
K-Rod signed a $13M deal with Milwaukee for 2 years plus a club option for 2017 season.
**Update (9:26am)**
K-Rod has signed a 2 year deal with the Milwaukee Brewers (with a club option for the 2nd year).  **

Plenty of chatter out on the interwebs this morning of Francisco Rodriguez signing with a team.  Rumor also has it that it wasn't with the Marlins or Blue Jays.  All signs point to him coming to an agreement with Milwaukee, in my mind.  Seriously, was there any doubt in your mind?  Milwaukee needs one more arm in that pen competing for the closer role.  You are nuts if you think Broxton is the answer.  Could he be? Perhaps, but if K-Rod did sign with the Crew he will be given the closing role.  Broxton and Henderson can then be solid back-up options.  Again, this is all rumor talk (which is fun, right?) but a K-Rod signing would also mean that Jonathon Papelbon has one less team that is willing to trade for his services.  I would also venture to say that Milwaukee will not be adding another starting pitcher, unless he is plucked off of waivers--which is what Melvin will probably end up doing.  We can all agree that K-Rod loves to give up the long ball, which was 14 last season, but he was still effective and he did save Milwaukee's season (or at least the first 150 games) with his 44 Saves, which was good for 5th best in MLB.

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