Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Training Updates


     As you can see from my previous posts, I hold no real talents in writing.  My grammar is often times suspect and my structuring is pathetically weak.  Hopefully you're smart enough to realize that I'm not claiming to be a legit writer; in fact I'm the farthest thing from it.  My purpose is to simply think out loud by writing my scattered thoughts on this here computer.  I have no co-workers at my office, so in essence--you are all my co-workers and this computer monitor or the phone screen you're looking at is the water cooler.

     Is there really anything to write about during the second week of Spring Training any ways?  Not really. The line up is being messed with to see what combinations work while the rotation is still 7 to 10 days out from being set for Opening Day.

     As for that batting order it will be interesting to see where they put the Braun - Ramirez combo now that they have Adam Lind.  I would imagine that this combo punch would remain batting 3 and 4 with Lind in the 5 hole against RHP's.  However, against LHP's is where  Roenicke could get a little creative....if Lind is out of the line up (rest or injured), they could rotate Gerardo Parra in there at the 5 spot--especially if he is playing 1B.  I realize that batting orders generally like to be the same on a daily basis in order to keep it routine and to play smart baseball in different scenarios/match ups, but what about another idea of bumping Braun - Ramirez down to 4 and 5 against LHP and having Parra hit in the 3 hole?  The top two would remain the same with (what appears to be) Carlos Gomez and Scooter Gennett, although the latter has been getting some consideration at the lead-off spot.  Yes, there is always a chance that Jean Segura could hit lead off, but judging by his production last season (aside from September), that is something that should not be considered quite yet.
     I guess my point is that Milwaukee has a number of different options in designing their line up--as most teams generally do....right?  My argument is that Milwaukee, in 2015, will have more tools and options than they have ever had since their 2011 NLCS run.  Aside from the good idea of adding a veteran pinch hitter/utility man, they have a complete 1 through 9 (excluding the pitcher of course) that should be highly effective barring any injuries.
     Of course, the words 'barring any injuries' is key here.  With Lind most likely making 2 or more trips to the DL this season and probably having to sit out the final game in a series that are day games, this does put some strain on everything.  Sure, they have Parra who can and probably will get some time at 1B as well as Lucroy--in order to give him rest.  Obviously, putting Martin Maldonado in the line up in the 8th spot isn't a bad thing either if Lucroy is resting or playing 1B.  Especially since Maldy off to a hot start in Cactus League play where he is now hitting .500 with a 1.000 SLG.

     Yes, it's Spring ball stats--but it's far better than the alternative (ah-hem, Ryan Braun who is 0 for 7).  Look, I'm not reading into these Cactus stats at all, I'm simply stating a fact that Maldonado is looking good so far in 2015 and this will be another big advantage for the Crew again in 2015.  By having Lucroy play 1B against LHP's and Maldonado calling pitches it will also allow Parra to keep his 2 x Gold Glove in the outfield where he can (possibly) platoon with Khris Davis until the latter proves he's up to the task--offensively.  Ron Roenicke has said he does not consider Parra a 4th Outfielder, which is well and all--but if Davis struggles at the plate, RR will not hesitate to have Parra as their full time starter.  Sure, it will slow Davis' progress and growth, but last time I checked Milwaukee hasn't been to the playoffs in 4 years.  The time to win is now, while they still can...

So, here is my idea of how the line up will look:

1.Gomez (8)
2. Gennett (4)
3. Braun (9)
4. Ramirez (5)
5. Lind (3)
6. Lucroy (2)
7. Davis (7)
8. Segura (6)

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