Monday, August 2, 2010

48-57: Brewers look horrible, skid hits 5 straight losses.

Unreal. What a horrible weekend of baseball. It's like the Crew isn't even trying.

Either is the front office, evidentally. Instead of doing the smart thing, the Brewers brass did a dumb thing. Instead of dealing Hart for some pitching prospects who were a year away...they decide to keep him and even re-up him through 2013 for a deal said to be worth near 25MM.
Yes, the man is having a phenominal year SO FAR. I was glad to see him hit his HR yesterday and get a hit the night before, it shows that he's hopefully not going to do a repeat of his 2008 campaign (voted to All Star game and then sucked the rest of the season).

One thing I will note with Hart is that most cities would love to have a player this committed to the club and state. I mean, from the very-start Hart has said that he wants to be a Brewer and he wants to sign an extension. Of course, he would see more money...but only for a short time until his new team would re-up him.

So, this means that the Crew has Rickie Weeks left to sign an extension. I would imagine that would take similar money, which is nice because the Crew does have a lot of wastefull contracts coming off the books.

This all positions the Crew to have an active winter. Doug Melvin will have to pull off the trade of his GM career in order to save face. The fan base is really upset with the Crew and the ticket sales will be down when the Crew returns next Spring. He better hope to God that he can bring in 2 solid starters for Prince Fielder, plus pick up a 3rd starter on the FA market.

-Interesting little tid bit on Brett Lawrie. The Huntsville Stars prospect is learning 3B and OF in addition to his normal 2B position. I could see him as a 3B, especially if Casey McGehee's knees don't hold up. I could also picture him in RF, once Corey Hart gets switched to CF. Plus, the man could always catch, but Jonathon Lucroy has that wrapped up.

-Nice to see Ned Yost get a 2-year extension to manage the Royals.

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