Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2010 College Football Predictions

Your Champ: Oklahoma!!

Here we go's time for my (locks) predictions for the upcoming season....

1. Oklahoma
2. Alabama
3. Penn State
4. Oregon
5. Ohio State
6. Georgia Tech
7. TCU
8. Cal
9. Arkansas
10. Boise State

* Sleeper team: Florida State & Utah
* Bust: Nebraska & Virginia Tech
* Suprise team: BYU
*Sitting on the outside looking in: Florida & Georgia

Heisman winner: Jake Locker upsets Terrell Pryor
(Mark Ingram will be splitting carries with Richardson, so he's a no-go this year)

National Champions: Oklahoma over Alabama
Rose Bowl: Penn State over Oregon
Fiesta Bowl: Ohio State over Georgia Tech
Orange Bowl: Boise State over TCU
Sugar Bowl: Arkansas over Cal

HERE are my picks from last year, see how the faired....HERE


BIG 10 (err...11)
1. Penn State
1. Ohio State
2. Iowa
3. Wisconsin
3. Northwestern
4. Michigan State
5. Purdue
6. Michigan
7. Indiana
8. Illinois
9. Minnesota

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