Friday, August 14, 2009

College Football Predictions

With the start of the season only 2 weeks away, it's time to release Scottage Cheeses' 3rd Annual Pick-A-Dicks:

Citi National - Rose Bowl (aka Taxpayers Bowl)
Texas (3) over Alabama (6)

FED EX Orange Bowl
Virginia Tech (8) over Oregon (13)
Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
Boise State (12) over Oklahoma (2)

All State Sugar Bowl
Iowa (23) over Notre Dame (24)

Top 10
1) Texas
2) Virginia Tech
3) Alabama
4) Boise State
5) Iowa
6) Oklahoma
7) Oregon
8) Utah
9) Cincy**
10) California

*Please note, USC will finish 11th or 12th. Their schedule is far too tough (non-conference).
**Cincy will be the surprise team of the year
***Michigan State could easily sneak in over Cal.

Big Ten
1. Iowa
2. Michigan State
3. Ohio State
4. Penn State
5. Michigan
6. Minnesota
7. Illinois
8. Wisconsin
9. Purdue
10. Northwestern
11. Indiana

*I love the Badgers more than my pet cat, Jack. But it's going to take one more year before Clay reaches his full potential and the Badgers will have options at QB.

**Iowa is returning most of their O-Line, QB, D-Line and have a couple of options to replace Shonn Greene.
I may have gotten the conference match-ups wrong in the bowl. If so, sue me (I love that line!).

HERE are my predictions from last season....yikes. I went out on a limb and picked two SEC teams to go to the title game. Why? Look how close it came to Michigan vs OSU in 2007.


  1. No USC or Florida in the top 10? Is this a pre-season list or what you think it will be at the end of the year?

  2. at the end of the year silly man.

    USC has one of the toughest schedules in the country. Florida is missing too many ingredients from last season.