Thursday, August 27, 2009

Time for some back peddling

I was 100% wrong in proclaiming that Ken Macha was a "good" hire.
Something is wrong with this team and it starts from at the GM on down to the rotation. Although Doug Melvin has yielded some decent results (CC Sabathia & Trevor Hoffman), he turned a blind eye on to the starting rotation.

Every sports publication out there pointed the finger at Milwaukee, saying that they were the most likely to drop out of contention. For the love of God....JEFF SUPPAN WAS THE OPENING DAY PITCHER! How messed up is that? The sad thing is, Milwaukee still has another year left his retched pitching. Even Yovanni Gallardo has been a huge let down in the second half of the season. The only bright spot in that rotation is Braden Looper. Despite earning the no-decision last night, he is the anchor of the rotation.

Most importantly, it's been Ken Macha who has been the biggest let down. He shows no emotion and he's unpleasant to watch in that dug out. A manager shouldn't be a robot when it comes to game time decisions. He also sounds like a red neck-U'per when he's being interviewed. Don't get me wrong, he's a good manager, but he's not a good fit for this YOUNG team.

Keep in mind though, Bob Brenly wouldn't been a good fit either (finished 2nd in the search). Willie Randolph seems to take a likening to this team and the young infielders. Every time the cameras are on him, he's usually sitting/standing next to Escobar or Hardy and talking with them. He's a good teacher, just not a solid manager.

Bobby Valentine would have been a great manager for this team! Enough said. I doubt he even wanted to come to Milwaukee. But he is a fire cracker and someone who can install discipline.


Enough with the bad stuff. Prince Fielder is tearing it up right now and making people remember that he is still in the NL MVP hunt. Granted, Pujols is still going to get the nod. But you can't help but absolutely love what Prince Fielder is doing right now. It's just too bad that their isn't some good pitching to assist him and Braun. We have...what?....2 more season with young Prince Fielder before he packs his bags for NYC. This off-season, Doug Melvin had better pull of some tremendous deals in bringing in some excellent arms.
Fielder numbers to date:
33 HR's
.303 avg
110 RBI's

He's one of the few Brewers to hit over .300 and over 100 RBI's in a single season. Cecil Cooper did it in back-to-back season back in the early 80's. Ryan Braun will probably be joining him!

Ryan Braun:
27 HR's
.314 avg
93 RBI's

My only complaint on Braun is the following (actually there's more):
I absolutely hate his T-shirt line.
Two nights ago he proved that he is scared of taking out a catch at home plate. He could have clearly knocked the Reds catcher in to next week, had he went head first in to the plate and blown him over. Even if he was called out, it would've been a hell of a lot better than that pussy-foot attempt he did.
Lastly, what the hell was he thinking when fielded the ball in the 9th inning last night? Just curious. I still like the kid though.

-Prince Fielder is potentially, playing his way out of Milwaukee. Anthony Witrado of the Journal-Sentinel made a good point in yesterday's blog. If Milwaukee can't build a team around Prince via the free agency, they may have to trade him away in order to fully cash-in on a deal. He could land Milwaukee a bonified ACE and possibly a prospect or cash. I would hate to see Prince go, but you go as far as your pitching. Besides CC Sabathia, Milwaukee hasn't had a true ACE in over a decade. Call it what you want, but Ben Sheets was a solid #2.

We all know the day will soon come when Milwaukee will have to trade Prince Fielder. Why not do it this summer? With Mat Gamel ready to make the full-time jump up to the BIGS, he could easily take over at 1B. Not to mention Brett Lawrie will crack the BIGS in 2 years, at the very least. He too will probably make a solid 1B with some sock in his bat.

At the end of this season, Princes' value will be at an all-time high. With his numbers, he could land Milwaukee an ACE or a solid 1-2 punch in the middle of the rotation. I'm just saying....

-Brad Penny was released by the Red Sox. He would be better the Brewers' rotation than Suppan!

-Billy Hall drove in to two runs last night for the M's. His average has already lifted to .210 and he has driven in about 4 runs, I think, since being traded. He'll come around.


  1. Wow it is amazing when a player gets a fair shot what he can do. Gwynn - Hall. Thanks Melvin and Smucha, you terds.

  2. I don't know man. I would say Bill Hall had a fair shot at getting regular playing time. Gwynn, not so much. We all pretty much knew it was over for TG Jr. when Melvin brought over Cam.
    He was given his shot at the start of the 2008 season when Cam missed the first month. He has a pretty slow start...but that should be expected coming from a rookie. Too bad.