Thursday, August 6, 2009

Milwaukee wins first over a month

Sad but true. Regardless, Brewers' fans will take it!

Braden Looper, who has shown flashes of brilliance on the mound this season, improved his record to a team best 10-5. He pitched 6 and 2/3 innings last night before being yanked when Manny Ramirez pinched hit. Todd Coffey and Trevor Hoffman (25) sealed the deal.

Milwaukee was led by Ryan Braun who had a 2-RBI double and Felipe Lopez who went 3 for 4. All around...a good game and fun to watch.

Of course, Prince Fielder was booed every chance Dodger fans had. I find it ironic that they are blasting Prince for coming "close to" their clubhouse door. Yes, their coveted douche bag of a player, Manny Ramirez, has been caught cheating the game of baseball.....twice.....however they still cheer him like he the second-coming. Goes to show why that state and city is in such trouble financially. Even more funny is that the feds are going to have to bail their happy-asses out of trouble and us-taxpayers will foot the bill....sweet.

Loop had 4 k's and only 2 walks. His only mistake was giving up a first-inning homer.

Milwaukee will now begin their "soft" part of the schedule. Although us-fans know that there is no such thing as an easy schedule when it comes to the Brewers. I think that Crew will wise-up and realize that they can compete with the best of them. Taking 2 of 3 from the Dodgers is no easy feat. Now it's on to Houston, who has been on a tear of sorts. Milwaukee will have to face Wandy Rodriguez, booooo; but they may get a pass on Roy Oswalt. Oswalt has been suffering from a lower-back strain.

Tonight, Houston's rising star Bud Norris will make his home debut against Carlos Villanueva (2-8). Milwaukee typically loves making it easy on new pitchers. Bud tossed 7 scoreless frames against the Cardinals in his first start. He carries a 1-0 record and a .90 ERA.

After Houston the Brewers will come home for a 6-game home stand. Now, if Roy can't make the start Friday and he does go on the DL...well....Milwaukee won't have to face him again next Friday (or Saturday).

Here is one huge reason why Milwaukee Brewers' fans should be excited: remaining schedule for August!


If Milwaukee wants any kind of hope in making it in to the post-season, they will need to heat up for the rest of the month of August. Here's why:

7th-9th : @ Houston
11th-16th : SD & Houston (home)
17th-19th: @ Pittsburgh
21st-24th: wrap around series in DC
25th-30th: Cincy & Pittsburgh (home)

*All of these teams are below .500!

Now this is where it gets hairy.....

September-October schedule
Milwaukee will play: St Louis for 9 games! Cubs for 7 games! This could be good news for the Crew if they need to make a late push. They can make up a lot of space during this stretch if they want to make a run at the division title.

They also face: San Fransisco, Philly, Colorado, Houston and the D-Backs....

Milwaukee is 6 games out of the Wild Card race as of right now (Thurs. morning @ 8:31am). I really don't anticipate the Giants hanging on to the WC spot. Colorado is the biggest threat and they are 1/2 game out. Milwaukee will play all of the Wild Card contenders from the Western Division in the month of September. So even if Milwaukee doesn't lock up the division, they still have a shot at the Wild Card. Yes it may be a long shot, but it's a shot nonetheless.

Even if Milwaukee keeps pace at 3 to 4 games back behind the Cubs and Cardinals, they can still afford that knowing they will get a shot at making a run for the wild card. Look at the big picture people.

PLUS....Help is on the way! Jeff Suppan & Dave Bush will be back very soon. We all dislike Soup, but he is a veteran who can carry us through August-September like he did last year. Suppan is slated to start August 12th versus the Padres and Bushy August 16th versus Houston. Dave Bush has not pitched since June 16th, the start of Milwaukee's downward spiral.

Brewers' Killer, Michael Bourn is hoping to return to the lineup by Friday. He was suffering from a groin pull.

Lastly, remember the douche bag Cub pitching prospect who hurled a ball in to the stands when he got pissed off with a call last season? Two words....CONVICTED FELON!

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