Sunday, August 2, 2009

Paging Geoff Jenkins

Corey Hart was put on the DL today, just after the Brewers won in San Diego. Apparently the young man had an appendix burst Friday night. Billy Hall was recalled from AAA to fill-in for the rightfielder. I would imagine McGehee will platoon out there with Frank Catallanoto.

Why not sign Geoff Jenkins to play rightfield? Macha said that if Billy Hall gets to LA by tomorrow night, he will start in RF....WTF??!?!?!!?? Hall in RF? Well, he needs to play. But why not bring back Jenkins to play his old position? He provides another left-handed hitter and he's a veteran....and he has a World Series ring to show off to the team.

I'm just saying. Jenks is just sitting at home waiting for some team to call.

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