Friday, January 21, 2011


The Brewers and Rickie Weeks are worlds apart on contract discussions over a multi-year deal. In fact, they the two sides are instead concentrating on a 1-year deal for 2011. Weeks, who's arbitration eligible, are also seeing a gap in how they value the 2B. Weeks' camp put down 7.2MM number and the Brewers came up with 4.85MM, thus accounting for a 2.35MM difference. Milwaukee's biggest challenge is to find another 2B in the league that they can compare Rickie's results to. He's been injured most of his career, including 2009 when he was knocked out for the season in late-May.

Sorry to say folks, but you heard it here....I don't anticipate seeing Weeks as a Brewer after this season. This I'm okay with. At first I wanted Milwaukee to lock him up for the long haul, however, I'm not convinved he can stay healthy. Weeks and Fielder have always been tight and you have to wonder if Prince is talking some 'cents' in to this partner. Prince got a hefty raise, he'll make 15MM for the 2011 season prior to hitting the market next off-season. Milwaukee seems to be taking different approaches with the two young stars.

The Brewers have matched their franchise record from 2009 in hitting the 1 million ticket's sold mark. Keep in mind this only includes 9-game packs and season tickets. Single-game tickets go on sale in late Febuary. They shouldn't have a problem hitting the 3 million mark again, one would think.

Seattle signed ex-Brewers OF, Jody Gerrut. You may remember his as the 5th Outfielder who thought he should be a starter. He went on to his .197 on the season (shortened season, heel injury). He did have 2 HR's last season, one of them was apart of his cycle that he hit against Arizona in May.
SF Giants signed Jeff Suppan and Todd Coffey joined the Nationals.

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  1. I really like Weeks even with his below average defense. But i cant see a long term contract ending up in the Brewers favor with his injury history.