Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trevor Hoffman Retires - Other News

As many of you probably know, Trevor Hoffman has decided to retire from baseball after 18 years. There was word that the Padres offered to have him suit-up one more time in order to offically retire, but Hoffman declined.

Question: Had Hoffman agreed to re-join the Padres in order to officially retire with them; would the Brewers still get a supplemental 1st round draft pick (as a Class B free agent)?
I don't know, but I will check on that.

The man was lights-out and one of the few bright spots in the pitching staff for the Crew in 2009 & even 2010. Despite having a horrific start to the season that lasted 3 weeks, Hoffman continued to battle through and accept his new role as a middle reliever/set-up man. By doing this, he was able to notch his 601st save by season's end, 43 more than Mariano Rivera of the Yankees (still active).
Buster Olney has a nice write-up on Hoffman in his blog at
It amazes me that Hoffman was able to tally 37 saves in 2009, a 1.83 era, and make the All-Star team when everyone thought he was done. Another brilliant move by Doug Melvin, one that slips through the cracks when Wisconsin gripes about the GM.
I wonder how successful John Axford would've been last year, during his rookie season, had it not been for a Trevor? Granted, Axford would have been good, but some of that success could probably be a result of Trevor Hoffman coaching him. Class-act through and through, that's Trevor.

- Milwaukee's pitchers & catchers report to Maryvale on Feb. 17th.
-The rest of the team reports Feb 22nd.
I can't wait.....

-Is Milwaukee's farm system empty? Some say yes others (locals) say no. The fact of the matter is, it's not. Well, I should say it's stripped pretty good at the AAA & AA levels but there are a boat load of prospects in the Single-A, rookie ball, and Low-A. Let's also not forgot that Mark Rogers is starting to come around (AAA) and Kyle Heckathorn, Scooter Gennett, and Kentrail Davis should all be getting the bump up to Hunstville this summer. There's a gap at the top of the farm system, but that's okay with the Brewers in their "win-now" attitude.

-The Mets are seriously looking at Dave Bush as a back of the rotation starter. Quite frankly, I'm surprised more teams aren't giving him consideration. Yes, the man struggled...but he was also the only pitcher to notch a post-season win for the Crew since 1982 (back in 2008) and he also was the hurler to even come close to flirting with a no-hitter (other than Sheets)....twice he did! (remember Philly in 2008?). Oddly enough, he would re-join Capuano if Bushy joined up with the Mets.

-I mentioned Maryvale ealier...well here's some more news. Phoenix is trying to extend their contract as hosts to the Brewers. For those that have been to this park, I envy you. In fact, the wife and I were talking about going this spring but instead our travels will take us to Hawaii (free!). That being said, I'm planning on going next year in 2012...pending we're still alive. Milwaukee not's threatening to pull out or move, so that's good. Apparently other Cactus League sites are upgrading and renovating to keep their teams. I think Milwaukee should sit tight and not demand a lot. It's spring training people, not the World Series. No need to throw tax-payer dollars at a team that's going to spend 5 weeks there.

-The Cubs landed Matt Grza in a 8-player trade w/ the Rays last week. It's a nice addition to their already dangerous rotation. However, I'm of the opinion that they gave up more to get him than what the Brewers gave up to get Greinke. What do you think?

That being said, you can expect to see Carlos Zombrano to bounce back big time this season. He finished strong at the end of last season and he should have his head on straight...right? If he pitches while he's pissed off, he sucks. But if he pitches while he's calm and relaxed (like in 2009 with his no-hitter), then big things will happen.

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