Friday, February 12, 2010

Soon enough....

Next week the Pitchers and Catchers report for duty. Although actual practise sessions don't start until the following week, you can't help but feel Spring is closer.
Corey Hart won his arbitration case. Fantastic (straight faced). I would love to sit in on one of these hearings to hear what is said about both sides.

Milwaukee added another arm to the bull pen earlier this week when they signed Scott Schoeneweis. Although he's been out of baseball for a short while due to personal reasons, he does provide insurance for Mitch Stetter.

Seattle's Jack Z signed another ex-Brewer in Jesus Colome. Let me know how Brad Nelson works out for you. Regardless, Seattle has been the most active this off-season in additions. I have them picked to win the AL West. Their pitching is damn good and they improved tenfold with Chone Figgins and Milton Bradley.

The Milwaukee Brewers are going to erect a stature of Bud Selig outside of Miller Park. ESPN's Jim Caple doesn't like this move....Apparently he doesn't understand the significance of this man. Selig (along with his small team) single-handily saved baseball in Milwaukee. Not only did he purchase the Seattle Pilots in 1970 and then move them to Milwaukee....Mr. Selig also led a failed attempt in trying to get the White Sox to move to County Stadium after the Braves skipped town. While on that topic, he also led a local team that tried to stop the Braves from moving to Atlanta. So tell me Caple, doesn't this man warrant some sort of salute? He saved baseball in Milwaukee by devising a plan to build a new baseball park. This very same baseball park that ranked #2 in Sports Illustrated "Best Baseball Parks" that measured the overall experience. I don't think the Brewers are building this statue to honor him as a commissioner, but rather the man who loved his city and the state of Wisconsin. (sniffle sniffle).

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