Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jim Edmond Joins Crew

Jim Edmond signed a minor league contract with the Brewers today that will give him a shot at making the roster. The veteran outfielder is, yet another, left-handed batter who should compete with Jody Gerut for the 4th outfielder spot. Although a year removed from playing, Doug Melvin is hoping that he this turns out to be another Gabe Kapler type move that could re-ignite his career.....for a 40 year-old.
I remember watching him hit 2 HR's in one inning for the Cubs in 2008 against the White Sox. I remember wondering why the Crew didn't pick him up? That season he hit 20 HR's and played decent defense. If anything, this will provide insurance for Carlos Gomez to perform at the plate.
It's a low risk move that could provide some veteran experience in that outfield. With Mike Cameron playing in Boston now, they really don't have a solid leader out there. Ryan Braun will always be the head man, but as far as experience goes and playing in the post-season, Edmonds could be a wealth of knowledge for the Hart, Gomez, and Braun. Who knows.... He certainly can't hurt. I like this more than the Inglette pick-up simply because we know what we're getting with Edmonds, despite him not even playing in 2009.


  1. I think that picture is of Rolen and Pujols, not Edmonds.

  2. My bad. Either way, they would make good cellmates.