Friday, January 15, 2010

News bits....

Ben Sheets is going to throw for the Rangers, Mariners, Cardinals, Cubs, and various other teams on Tuesday. Milwaukee would be in attendance, if it wasn't for the simple fact that Ben Sheets hates the Brewers. Granted, it seems like Mark Mulder would be a less-expensive high risk signing than Sheets. But Ben has proven that he can hang for 75% of the season. He's only a year removed from his All-Star season with the Brewers (4x All Star). Mark Mulder hasn't pitched since 2006. However, he will be had at a minor league contract and the Crew won't lose much if he folds again. Sheets is thinking that he is worth a 10MM, which is silly. I could see 6 to 7MM + incentives. You have to wonder if he has recovered from his 2008 injury? Why else would Texas Rangers' pitching coach Mike Maddux have interest? If anyone knows Big (gay) Ben, it's Maddux and the Rangers or Jack Z and the Mariners.

Doug Davis is still on Milwuakee's radar so to speak, along with 3 or 4 other teams. The veteran southpaw has recently talked with Milwaukee's brass; so that certainly seems like a signing could very well happen. I would be willing to bet that Doug Davis and Milwaukee reach a deal by mid-February. You know, the guy isn't a stud by any means. But he can give you 35 starts and 200+ innings if called upon. That was unheard of last year. This would also kick Suppan to the bullpen!

Again, that would give us the rotation that looked like....
1. Gallardo
2. Wolf
3. Bush
4. Davis
5. Parra
* Mulder (expected to sign), Villy, and Vargas would be used in spot starts and fill-ins. Now imagine this if you will, Dave Bush goes down with an injury! All of a sudden you have 4 lefties in the rotation!

Milwaukee signed Norris Hopper to a minor league contract with no invite to camp. He is an ex-Reds outfielder who can bunt pretty damn good, decent speed, and average defensive skills....from what I have read.

Ned Yost was hired by the KC Royals earlier this week. He's basically a talent scout for the organization. He will NEVER be a manager again in the my opinion.

The useless Brad Nelson re-signed with the Mariners. He has been useless for them too. It's insane to think that he won the Brewers' Minor League Player of the Year earlier in the last decade.

Rick Peterson could single-handidly turn this team in to playoff contender....IF....he's able to do his job and turn this recently assembled rotation in to contenders. The good news for him? There is no place to go but up! Well, they could go to last in the NL if it weren't for the Nationals.
"If we get the pitching turned around and the rest of the team does what it did, this team can win," Peterson says. "If you just get (the rotation) to the middle of the pack, you're probably looking at 90 wins."
Rick Peterson

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