Monday, January 25, 2010

3 WEEKS until pitchers/catchers report for duty

This is a scary thought. Although rumors typically prove to be complete BS, you can't help but think about it. If Milwaukee did relocate to Orlando, I would be devastated; as would the entire state. Would Bud Selig even sign-off on the sale? I would hope not. He has worked too hard to bring the team to Milwaukee. In the end, money talks though. Keep in mind people, the Brewres ranked 9th in attendance....9th in 2009.

Dave Bush and the Crew were able to avoid arbitration today when he inked a 1-year deal (2010) for $4.2MM + incentives. This is a 215k pay raise. Good news for the Brew City. Let's face it, Bushy can piss the hell out of any fan; but he can be lights out too. Keep in mind that Bush is probably the closest any Milwaukee pitcher has come to a no-hitter in the past couple of years. His lates flirtation with a no-no was last year against Philly when he went 7 1/3 innings before ex-Brewers outfielder Matt Stairs crushed a homerun. Bush will probably start the season off as the #3 pitcher in the rotation. Hard to imagine that he came over with Corey Koskie and the Lyle Overbay trade.

On another good note....Milwaukee had to change it's scheduled times in order to accomodate being on national tv. Of course, the entire state of Wisconsin knows how bad they sucked while playing on ESPN and FOX. But it's still good news. They will face Philly, St. Louis, LA, and Seattle. Oddly enough, the Crew vs Cubs games didn't make the cut. As with any small-market team, the Brewers need to capitalize off these highlighted games. Of course, faithful fans still need to tune in to FSWisconsin in order to not jinx the team.

At some point I will have to talk about Prince Fielder and the idea of him re-signing with the Crew. Since no one reads this, I will defer to do so until the weeks leading up to the trade deadline.

I am just about finished with Tom Haudricourt's book "Brewers Essentials" (2008). It's a nice read that is filled with 'did you know' facts and a college 101 crash course on the history of the team.
- Did you know that Bud Selig made an unsuccesfull attempt of buying/relocating the Chicago White Sox to Milwaukee after the Braves left?
- Did you know that Robin Yount contemplated a professional golf career during his earliest of days with Milwaukee?

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