Friday, January 22, 2010


Milwaukee has added another starter to their rotation. Doug Davis and the Brewers agreed to sign a 1-year deal @ 5.25MM and a mutual option for 2011 (6.5MM salary). Granted, Doug isn't the same pitcher who recorded 4-straight seasons of 11+ win-seasons during his first stint in Milwaukee; but he eats innings (200 last season) and he will fit in nicely as a 4 or 5 in the rotation. This allows the Crew to boot Suppan to the bullpen, which he deserves, and it improves the overall rotation drastically from last year. Go ahead, laugh at that statement. But take a look:
1. Gallardo (rhp)
2. Wolf (lhp)
3. Bush (rhp)
4. Parra (lhp)
5. Davis(lhp)

The Brewers now have a back-up plan if there are one or two injuries (like last year). With Vargas, Villy, and Suppan able to step up and make spot starts if needed. Milwaukee may also have Mark Mulder to call on in the second half of the season, should they come to an agreement.

Remember, Milwaukee won 80 games in 2009 with a horrible rotation....hell, they were 2nd to last (Nationals were worse). Imagine what a kind of an effect the additions of Wolf and Doug Davis will have to their record. I can safely bet that there will be at least 8 more wins in 2010 and that could be enough to claim a wild card spot. This might sound like I'm reaching; but Rick Petersen is a proven leader who can help a rotation evolve in to contenders.

This is a significant signing that will only cost 5.25MM. That's a bargain in todays day and age of over paying for starters.
Should us fans be worried that Milwaukee now has 3 left-handers in the rotation? I don't believe so. The White Sox is a good example of success in 3 lefties. However, their 3 southpaws are much better than the tres amigos the Brewers have.

The Crew is going to celebrate their 40th anniversary this season. Take a look at what they have planned. I can't wait to see them don their 70's uniforms. By far, my favorite uni's out of all of them. During the

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