Friday, January 23, 2009


Auburndale native Jordan Zimmerman, could crack the starting rotation for the Washington Nationals this season. The UWSP alumnus had a great start in the farm system and has worked his way up to a top 10 prospect for the team. If he doesn't crack the rotation, he will surely be used in the bullpen.

This kid is tearing it up in the Nats organization and has been ranked the #1 prospect for their club by the coveted Baseball America. He will make an immediate impact in the Bigs.

Another Wisconsin native will get his chance soon in the Bigs....
West Bend native and UW-Milwaukee player Paul Hoenecke was drafted by the Tigers last summer in the 42 round. Instead of reporting for duty, he has already started practice for the Panthers as their third baseman.

Lastly, just because I'm bored....did you know that Jeff Jagodzinski went to UW-Whitewater? He's the prick that got fired by an even bigger prick at Boston College. He was also an Offensive Cordinator with the Packers prior to. guessed it, pretty bored.

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