Thursday, February 5, 2009


Talk about a turn in events. MLB's website reported today that Ben Sheets is going to have surgery on his throwing arm. He failed a physical with Texas which would have led to a 2 year deal.

Now, Milwaukee is faced with the possibility of footing the bill for this procedure.

Gord Ash did mention to today that a lot of this hangs on if Sheets re-injured it while trying out for teams this off season. If that's the case, he's technically not apart of the Brewers.

Regardless, Milwaukee could fork over two draft picks if he doesn't sign with a Single-A team (deal) before the June draft. I still have yet to see why that is. More about that scenario HERE. You think Mr. Sheets is kicking himself for not accepting arbitration from Milwaukee?

So, Melvin again proves why he one of the best GM's in the bigs. Let's see what happens with these other free-agent pitchers who have yet to sign. Same with guys like Lowe, Pettite (who's out until after the All Star break), and Perez. All of which are way over priced.

No matter how you look at this, Milwaukee will probably get screwed one way or the other with Sheets. What is it with big time contracts and Milwaukee pitchers (see Teddy H., Jeff Suppan)

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