Thursday, February 19, 2009


Apparently Mat Gamel isn't taking his opportunity to play third base too seriously. Apparently he reported late and has a minor shoulder injury.

Gane isn't pitching in the WBC and doesn't use his goggles anymore.

Sweet, Fielder says he's 'ready to go' this season. Unlike last season where it took him the first couple of months to get his ass in gear.

No Opening Day Start for Yovanni?

Milwaukee and Cory Hart avoided Arbitration, agreeing upon a 1 year deal. The figure was at the midpoint ($3.25MM). This is good. Granted, he was in the dog house for most of the second half....hell....all of the second half. As for the post season, he was horrible. The frumpy-looking Hart swung at every first pitch and was just as bad out in leftfield.

Mark Attanasio openly discusses just how challenging the club's payroll is. He has already surpassed what he budgeted...and will probably continue on that path by the trade deadline in July.

Lastly, Milwaukee pulled the ultimate upset by beating #21 ranked Butler, 63-60! Go Panthers!

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