Saturday, February 14, 2009

ahhh....Spring is in the air......down in AZ

Well Spring Training has officially started and Milwaukee's pitchers and catchers have all reported for duty. Of course, we can expect not to see Billy Hall next week. What a sally.

*First game is Feb. 27th against the Oakland A's. Oddly enough, that was Ken Macha's last team he managed.
*Opening Day is April 7th in San Fransisco. When was the last time the Brewers had a true home opener? In Milwaukee?

-Sheets feels that he would be a good fit with contender come August.

-Who cares about retiring Brett Favre's #4. When will Milwaukee retire #17? The coveted number worn by Jim Gatner, current manager of the Wisconsin (Wausau) Woodchucks.

-CC Sabathia & AJ Burett reported together. How cute. How much money is that reporting for duty? What heros....

-Last year asked a very important question to it's readers.....
Who is more of an icon in Wisconsin sports?
Brett Favre?
Robin Yount?

It is my opinion that Robin Yount is the most popular sports figure. He played for one team and didn't fake retirement just to get traded to a new team. Nor did he take pain killers, nor did he openly bitch about the front office (Randy Moss/Favre). Despite not winning the World Series in '82, I still feel he is a class act and will always admire Wisconsin.

In other news.....

College Gameday will be at the Kohl Center today. Apparently they must have scheduled this far in advance, because the Badgers are playing against OSU. Badgers have won 4 straight.

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