Monday, February 9, 2009

Looper set to wear Brewer blue

Haudricourt all but confirmed the signing of Braden Looper tonight. It's a one-year deal with a possible vesting option on the second (2010). Since the 34 year-old made $5.5 MM last year, it's safe to say he'll make at least $5MM, according to T.H.

I have a feeling that it will be McClung that will be odd-man out. Although most of the knobs on the "comment" boards (JSONLINE.COM) feel that Suppan should be kicked out; It's unlikely he will be the one out with gi-normous contract Melvin gave him. Thankfully we got Looper for a deal if it's a $5MM deal. This guy will eat innings and allow the bullpen to rest, because the good Lord knows that the relievers will be getting a lot of work. Especially early on in the season before Bushy and Suppan find their grove. Historically, they both pretty much stink in the first half of the season. Suppan sucks mainly the entire season (2008).

All in all, I like this signing and it allows Melvin to go after a big fish come the trade deadline.

St. Louis also parted ways with second baseman Adam Kennedy. Good ol' Skip Schumacker and Tyler Greene will be battling for it. That's why I like LaRussa, he doesn't take shit from anyone. If you get out of line with him, you're out. Ned Yost never had that respect.

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